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The Galliano factory farm is a mountain and biological company with  vine and blueberry cultures located in the San Romano area where tradition is perpetuated from generation to generation. 
All the products are cultivated with biological methods guaranteed by the Galliano Factory Farm and certified by the regulator agency CCPB srl. 
The factory farm relapses in the mountain district of Valle Maira. 
The vines and blueberries are located at an altitude of approximately 550 metres, on terrains with acid PH, which besides enhancing with time and maturation, the fragrance and taste of the grape, grants a unique taste to the blueberry. 
These hill terrains have been farmed since the year 1400 by Benedictine monks of the Villar San Costanzo Abbey which reclaimed the area that showed (and still shows today) a microclimate especially favorable for the culture of wine and blueberry. 
The protection  the hills offer against the cold winds and the exposure to the south of the area further allow even the growing of olive trees.